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Our Help and Information section is here to offer guidance and assistance to our customers. Giving you the low-down on our services and assisting you with any technical or operational issues that you might have.

Mail Forms
Assistance with setting up a Mail response Form on your website.
Easy-to-use (CGI MailForm )
ASP, CDONTS or JMail (ASP MailForm )

ODBC / OLEDB Databases
These examples demonstrate how to connect to ODBC / OLEDB Access databases via your ASP code.

Outlook Mail Settings
A graphical demonstration of how to configure Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express to Receive and Send mail via our mail services.

ADSL - General Information
A graphical demonstration of how to configure ADSL Broandband

Hit Counters
Assistance with setting up Hit Counters for your WebSite.

Recommended Software
A few suggestions for software tools for the development and management of your website.

Glossary Help Section
If you have come across any technical terms which you don't quite understand, then our Glossary section is the place to get a quick reference on many of the terms that are used on our Web site.

Mailing Group
Join or Leave our Newsletter mailing group service. The Newsletter helps to keep you informed of the lastest news and service status at E Business Services.

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